Almost Spring.

Teodora Nicolae hipster vibes outfit post,

I know, I know you guys. I haven't posted in a while. I'm so sorry. Over the last couple of month, life has just...happened and gotten in the way. Between work and some personal things that have been going on, I've been spread pretty thin. BUT. I'm back and I promise that things will start picking back up around here. In addition to getting back to posting regularly, you can also expect a couple of big announcements and a few new features. Exciting stuff! So stay tuned and I promise I won't let you down, okay? Okay.

To start things off again, I'll share a quick outfit post with you guys that was shot by My Style Vita on a moderately warm Atlanta day. The weather here has been cray, freezing one day and a sunny 70 the next. So, I've had to get creative with my wardrobe choices. I threw my favorite denim Zara button-up, perfectly faded in all the right places, over a super comfy Free People tank and a pair of black leather trousers for an overall hipster vibe. Cozy enough to keep me warm when it's still under 60 but also comfortably layered so I can stay cool if it rises above 70. Oh and the beanie has become an current obsession and another staple I've been wearing on the reg lately. Mostly due to the incredibly nifty quality it has of literally going with everything. How much do we love it when we find something that versatile? On sale, no less.

Hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading! XO


Beanie: Zara
Tank: Free People
Denim shirt: ZARA
Leather pants: BB Dakota
Boots: Chinese Laundry c/o Lulu*s
Watch: Burberry
Bag: Balenciaga
Shades: RayBan 



  1. youre so cute my tiaaa <3 i hope everything is okay.

    love u


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